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Fall 2012 — The Email Marketing Issue
Are you happy with your email marketing efforts?

Carrie Cowan Or, maybe you're asking, what email marketing efforts? Have no fear, we can help you design the tools you need.

Whether you are new to email marketing, need to develop an email campaign or create a single promotion – take a few moments and review this issue of Content Design's Quarterly Digest, and then give us a call. We can help you create affordable and effective solutions!

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Carrie Cowan Getting Started With Email Marketing
When planning your email marketing promotions ask the following questions:
  1. Does your message resonate with your customer?
  2. Do your email marketing efforts work hand-in-hand with your other marketing efforts?
  3. Are you using your email to “learn” about your customer (i.e., surveys and tracking drive through traffic on your web site)?
  4. Does this promotion/communication deliver your audience value?
  5. Are you tracking response?
  6. Should you send an email newsletter, or a series of email blasts?
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Be sure to consider these four key ingredients when creating your email marketing promotion?
1. The medium; 2. The list; 3. The offer; 4. The creative.
Carrie Cowan Checklist: Email Marketing 101
Now that you have answered the key questions, let's start marking off our "To Do" list!
  • Plan your schedule – Spontaneous emails aren't a good practice – consider industry events, seasonal events and customer activities and plan your email campaign. ePlanning = eEffectiveness
  • Create a plan – that includes: Send dates, subject lines, list & list size, and tracking
  • Be sure and comply with the CAN–SPAM Act – requires you to receive permission from your email recipients in order to send them commercial or bulk email.
  • Make sure your HTML code is W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) compliant and does not contain any script (Javascript or VB Script) as it can cause problems on the recipients end, and with some email clients the message will be rejected.
  • Keep your design simple. Unlike web browsers, there are a wide variety of email clients and they all display a bit differently.
  • Write subject lines that are direct and say what you want to say.
  • Use your top real estate effectively – it is all some recipients will ever bother to look at.
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