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Winter 2013 — The Web Issue
Why are you on the web?

Carrie Cowan Are you looking to take your company online for the first time, or to refresh your current web design? Maybe you just need to rework your navigation or fine tune your search engine optimization.

Whatever your need, Content Design has the experience and knowledge you need to meet your web design goal – so give us a call, and let us help you create affordable and effective solutions!

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Homepage Copy Does your Homepage Copy Tell the Visitor:
  1. Where they are?
  2. What the site is about?
  3. What content they can find here?
  4. What they can do here?
  5. How they can find information?
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The following are a few tips to consider when writing copy for your website:
• Keep sentences and paragraphs short and concise.
• Break up copy with subheads.
• Use bulleted lists when you can.
• When copy on a given page must run long, causing the page to scroll considerably, provide a summary for the top of the page
• Avoid putting copy in all uppercase.
• Keep layout and formatting clean and simple.
• Provide clear calls to action.
SEO Checklist: Website SEO
We all want our websites to rank in the top three immediately upon launch – but that is not often the case. Solid SEO projects can take up to two to three months to show results, based on various factors, including:
  • Keyword competitiveness.
  • Quality inbound links, and the more the better.
  • The age of your site.
Good SEO includes:
  • Quality content.
  • Generous and diverse external links.
  • Page rank.
  • Optimized on–page HTML code (i.e., title tags, and meta descriptions).
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